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The United States of America is the best place for immigration. The history proved that the United States was the dream land, the place of chances. That started when Europeans escaped form their countries because there were no jobs and no safe places to live. America became the best choice for people who were looking for political asylum, jobs, or freedom, but after a few generations something changed the Americans look to immigrants as strangers and they forgot where they are from because America is multicultural place and immigration movement should be understandable, but this is not the case. Governments should develop good laws for immigrants by giving rights to immigrants to stay in America, to protect them, and to allow people who deserve to come to America. Immigration to America began when Christopher Columbus discovered the new land now called the American continent. Immigration increased in the 17th century when people came from Europe, Africa, and Asia to the new land. There were many colonies, such as the British and Dutch. When people came they go to their people and find jobs as farmers. The first immigrants were in the east coast around 1607 to 1775 after the number of immigrants increased. In 1790 - 1850 there were few immigrants who came to America, but in 1850 to 1930 the number of immigrations increased (Dolan 4). Dolan P shows "Between 1850 and 1930, about 5 million Germans immigrated to the United States with a peak in the years between 1881 and 1885, when a million Germans left Germany and settled mostly in the Midwest. Between 1820 and 1930, 3.5 million British and 4.5 million Irish entered America. Before 1845 most Irish immigrants were Protestants. After 1845, Irish Catholics began arriving in large... ... middle of paper ... ...ornia Press, 2010. Print. Wellman, Christopher, and Phillip Cole. Debating the Ethics of Immigration is There a Right ti Exclude?. New York : Oxford University Press, 2011. Print. Knott , Kim, and Seán McLoughlin, eds. Diasporas Concepts, Intersections, Identities. New York : Zed Books, 2010. Print. Lee, Erika, and Judy Yung. Angel Island Immigrant Gateway to America. New York : Oxford University Press, 2012. Print. Cohen, Jeffrey H, and Sirkeci Ibrahim. Cultures of Migration the Global Nature of Contemporary Mobility. Austin Texas: University of Texas Press, 2011.Print Erika, Lee. "U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Laws and Issues." Journal of American Ethnic History. Vol. 20. Issue 2 (2001): n. page. Web. 18 Apr. 2013. Gomez, Alan. "White House immigration plan offers path to residency." USA TODAY 17 February 2013, n. pag. Web. 24 Apr. 2013.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the united states of america is the best place for immigration. the history proved that america was the dream land, the place of chances.
  • Explains that immigration to america began when christopher columbus discovered the new land now called the american continent. immigration increased in the 17th century when people came from europe, africa, and asia to the new land.
  • Explains that between 1850 and 1930, about 5 million germans immigrated to the united states, while 3.5 million british and 4.5 million irish entered america. before 1845 most irish immigrants were protestants.
  • Explains that congress changed the nation's basic policy about immigration from 1930 to 2000. the supreme court decided immigration would be under federal jurisdiction in 1875, and congress created the "quota system."
  • Explains that the government has put provisions designed to encourage migration of certain kinds of workers who have lost the skills from the current population.
  • Explains that congress abandoned the quota system and the acceptance of immigration, based on the "need" relative to each immigrant's postulants. the new system is limited in large part to immigration from mexico and central and south america.
  • Explains that the united states has a history of excepting the people who chose america to immigrate because america is the land of chances.
  • Opines that immigrants provide america with many advantages, such as variety of their cultures, their desire to work hard and take specific jobs that americans would refuse.
  • Explains that america has the largest number of immigrants, 1million more every year than any other country. the government tries to change this to raise the number more than 50% but some people say the immigrant’s takes their jobs and some will lose them.
  • Explains that immigration laws in the united states limit the number of immigrants admitted each year. annual numerical limits are calculated based on a complex formula.
  • Explains the annual limit to the total number of legal migrants is 675,000, which includes foreign nationals who get immigrant visas at the consulate offices abroad, and those who control the situation in the united states.
  • Explains that the annual limit is divided into three categories: family, employment, and diversity visas. the white house is developing a draft proposal to allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents in just eight years.
  • Explains that the draft law is being developed as members of both houses of congress are formulating their own immigration bills.
  • Explains that the bill reflects many of the provisions for 2007 bipartisan a draft law, which was led by senator ted kennedy, sen. john mccain, and ultimately failed.
  • Explains that the draft law proposes a new plan to allow homeland security to take donations from people, enterprises, and local and state governments to improve the ports of entry and security features along the border.
  • Citesschrag, peter, wellman, christopher, and phillip cole. debating the ethics of immigration is there a right ti exclude?
  • Describes lee, erika, and judy yung's angel island immigrant gateway to america.
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