Immigrate To America Essay

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Among every other country in the world, the United States of America is where people feel the most comfortable place to come and live a better life. Immigrants are people who leave their counties to reside in other counties that are rich and safe to better themselves. Every year people immigrate to the USA for many reasons. Many people are having difficulty living in their native country such as over population, jobless which make the economy so hard. People from outside of the United States think there is peace, love, equality, free education, jobs, good food to stay healthy, but most importantly freedom of speech to express yourself in America. Today, I will only focus on some reasons why people in my country immigrates to America. This is…show more content…
The US government is trying to help out those countries that are suffering from poverty. Public school is free here for anybody who want to continue their education. And community colleges are less affordable. One great thing is that the government give people free money for school. Some opportunities for immigrants who are willing to stay in America forever is becoming American citizen. This a so great because it open a lot of opportunities for you and your family for instead right to vote etc. Liberia is one of those country that suffered from civil war. During the past few years in Liberia, we had been through a lot of struggles. Liberia was destroyed due to the civil war we had during the year 1996. Since then people are immigrating to other countries such as the USA to improve their life conditions People are immigrating to the United States of America to take advantages of these opportunities. The school systems in America are much better. Students get access to free supplies. In Liberia the school systems don’t work like…show more content…
Some seasons are being jobless, lack of education, wars in his or her country. People are moving to the USA to improve their life conditions with family and friends. Immigrates are coming from their country to enjoy the freedom in America. . Many people can’t afford to live in Liberia. Africans love America so much, so they try their best to come and live here. America is a free country with a lot of opportunities. My country Liberia was in civil war during the past years so this led many of us immigrating to the United States of America. There are so much good things when living in America such as jobs, money with paying for your school, free public schools for kids and living in a nice and safe environment. Many people do not have these kinds of opportunities in their native country. My favorite thing about living in America is the cultures, food, freedom of speech and learning new things all the
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