The Role of Human Resources Sergeant in Army Profession

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In order to understand the importance of the role of the Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms we must first understand what means to be a professional and a professional Soldier. Today we will discuss what it means to be a professional, the balancing role of the profession’s leaders, the Army professional culture, and the Human Resources Sergeant’s role in the Army profession.
What does it mean to be a professional? This is a question than can be given many answers from many people. In the Army, the definition of a professional is very similar to the real world definition; a person who is engaged or qualified in a profession ( However, in the Army, part of being a professional Soldier is to be “an expert, a volunteer certified in the Profession of Arms, bonded with comrades in a shared identity and culture of sacrifice and service to the nation and the Constitution” (The Profession of Arms, 2010, p. 2). In addition, part of being a professional Soldier is also being a leader. According to Army Regulation 600-100 (2007, p. 1), leadership is the influence of people by providing purpose, direction and motivation, while operating to …show more content…

According to The Profession of Arms (2010), “Army leaders at all levels need a solid understanding of what it takes to earn our status” (p. 4). Soldiers must be led by true professionals, as we defined above, to create the next generation of professionals. Creating the balance of mentor to mentee and passing on the knowledge and skills of professionalism will balance the leader’s role, as their subordinates will become the future leaders. According to The Profession of Arms (2010), “such actions determine whether Soldiers see themselves as professionals serving a calling or as time-servers filing a government job” (p. 9). This creates a culture in the Army to carry of the Profession of

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