What It Means To Be An Army Leader Essay

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What it means to be an Army leader

For some time the Army has been using a certain expression to defines what an Army leader actually is. To keep it basic, the three words be, know and do explains it all! The Army leader should have identifiable features that soldiers can benefit from. This is how an Army leader must be. He or she should have knowledge in tactics and techniques that show that they can manage resources and organize. All of this entails what an Army leader knows. And the actions that birth the feelings in other soldiers to want to operate in the same manner of that leader is the do.
The best Army leaders will effortlessly find some way to get others to do exactly what they need them to do. They do this by giving soldiers a
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When then leader measures what was supposed to happen with what actually happened, the leader and involved personnel will then find out if the job was completed to standard. Also the leader needs to know from the personnel involved, what to keep doing and what can be done different to get those same or better results. All feedback should be honest and factual. This is the information that the leader will use to makes thing better; to make the operation run more smoothly. All of this defines the most successful and impactful Army leaders.
Whenever a leader is near, soldiers should be able to identify that leader right away. They know from how that leader is every day; they way that that leader carries him or herself. They know that leaders accomplishments, confidence, and professionalism; or at least the potential of the aforementioned.
All soldiers, especially leaders, are highly recommended to keep a certain set of values that radiate throughout the entire U.S. Army. They are challenged to keep them near and dear to their hearts and to define and live them every day. A leader is one who takes these challenges serious and abides by