How to Add Value to the Hiring Process by Improving Recruiting Diagnostic

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This is a review of an article which discusses the different techniques of hiring the right, mainly in this case, senior executives. This article aims to provide leaders with guidance on how to add value to the hiring process by improving their recruiting diagnostics. The article focuses on a concept which is referred to as fit and unpacks. This concept breaks down into sub-categories which are, fit with the job, fit with the leader, fit with the team, and fit with the organization. Instead of the traditional approach of recruiting and assessing candidates based on the current needs of the organization, this concept also addresses the current and emerging talent requirements. The article also considers the types of questions leaders should ask and what to listen for when assessing a candidate and whether or not they are “fit”. The article provides leaders with the ability and technique to gauge the authenticity of a candidate’s responses. Another topic this article addresses is the responsibility of the leader to provide the candidate with the right information to make informed decision about whether or not they feel they are fit for the job. The article also briefly discusses some complications that come along with being fit to lead such as avoiding bias behavior, being aware of preferences and prejudices, and learning from previous hiring mistakes.
Personal Reflection
Hiring the right senior executive can be complicated due to the vast experience most will have. Many of them will have conducted many interviews themselves, which allows them to know exactly what leaders want to hear and they prepare accordingly. The leader must look past the professional credentials and look to the person behind the resume and determine...

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...e should have a say in who they are going to work with.
In conclusion, the ability to hire “fit” candidates is essential to effective leaders. Following these techniques will allow leaders to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Also, these techniques will develop successful teams and organizations. The article states, “We hear from line and HR executives in many companies that leaders should devote as much effort learning from failures in management selection as they spend, for example, on reviewing the reasons for losing customers and on failed bids for new projects.” This will hopefully help leaders to avoid losing customers and failed bids for new projects.

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