How Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

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Social networking sites are used in our everyday lives. Some use it to reconnect with old friends, or show their peers what they are up to on a day to day basis. Others use these sites as their window of fame. Twitter is one of the most used social networking site between teens and young adults. Ashley Ridge is a teen who regularly uses twitter on a day to day basis and is a social media icon from a short video she had posted onto twitter. Ashley Ridge is a young social networking icon, she joined twitter in 2011. Even though Ashely has been with twitter for almost seven years, she just recently had sky rocketed to fame. This is because of a video she had posted using this social networking site. The video she had posted was a free style rap she had did in the car with some friends. After a couple of days with it being on the internet, she had become an icon for what seemed like overnight. Since the video was released, Ashley has attended meet and greets as well as her followers are obsessing over her. Twitter is a social networking site that some may say “has it all”. This is because your allowed to share videos, pictures, and be able to update your friends with tweets. Tweets are post that people make on their profile and show up on others feed so their able to see what you tweeted. On this site people are able to share others tweets by retweeting, their able to connect directly with direct messaging, people are also able to comment and like other people’s tweets that have been posted. Ashley now uses twitter to connect with fans as well as her friends directly. She puts updates on twitter that show her followers what she is doing that time in her life. The main purpose for Ashley’s twitter since she is now a social media ic... ... middle of paper ... ...econds of you posting it. You are limited to 143 characters which means you can only have 143 numbers of letters, spaces, and or punctuation. Posting pictures and videos are also easy to post and work fairly the same way as a regular tweet would. Ashley uses this to her advantage because of how convenient it is for her to post about herself for her followers to see. Also because you are able to retweet, people who may not follow Ashley can still see her posts from people who do and has retweeted it. This gets her name out their more and gain more followers. Ashley is someone who I keep up to date on twitter fairly often. Her post are inspiring as well as entertaining. She is one of the many twitter users that have become an icon from just one post. She is a very successful social networking user and a prime example of a person who uses social media very frequently.
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