How Powerful Was Hitler as a Dictator?

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Commentators on the Third Reich tend to be divided into two groups: the Intentionalists and the Structuralists. The former emphasize that all essential political decisions were taken by Hitler, being the prime coordinator in domestic and foreign policy, essentially equating Nazism with Hitlerism. The latter emphasize the limitations on Hitler's freedom of action as a result of forces operating within the State. They argue that, under Hitler, Nazi Germany suffered from a leadership crisis. Preferring not to side so rigidly with either perspective, I rather, agree certain aspects from each commentary. I do believe however, that the Third Reich imploded due to Hitler's unreasonable amount of power, and the fear that circulated opposing the "Fuhrer."

Hitler served as an idolised speech-making figure as the embodiment of power - a mystical icon whom the masses followed, the figurehead and personification of Nazism - cajoling the dire will of the people. He was constitutionally established absolute power via the Nazi Association of Lawyers (as a result of the 1933 Enabling Act): the "...

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