Adolf Hitler's Oppression of the German people

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Centuries later and the name Adolf Hitler still rings volumes till this present day: discussed in history books, talked about amongst intellects and commoners alike, and despised by many for years to come. Upon hearing his name many may think of all the negative things Hitler has done, but few fail to analyze just how one man created such controversy amongst a nation without being stopped. The question then lies how does a man reign over country and devastate it for years to come? Adolf Hitler, a man who excelled in persuasion and charisma was able to reign over Germany for years. Born in Austria April 20th 1889, Hitler grew up with many hardships in his life.

Being of military decent Hitler’s father ruled his home with an iron fist. This may have affected Hitler in more negative ways than normal. His father soon passed in his early adolescence and Hitler was raised by a single parent, his mother. In the beginning Hitler was not very interested in school he seemed disengaged, nonchalant and rebellious, his true passion lied in being an artist. Unfortunately with many failed attempts of entrance at the Art School Hitler’s hopes of ever becoming an artist remained a dream. Continuing life without formal education life was a little rough on Hitler. His beloved mother now diagnosed with a form of cancer and soon passed away too, Hitler was forced to survive by recreating scenes from postcards and living off the little pension he acquired from that.

To avoid military duty in Austria Hitler relocated to Munich just as World War I commenced. Appreciating German customs and traditions he soon became a part of the Bavarian- German army. Although proving to be very courageous amongst his fellow- men Hitler did not advance in highe...

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... its citizens, it could be said that he showed other nations the true powers of Germany, and had he continued to fulfill his mission Germany could have been prosperous. It is only fair to say that people are entitled to their own opinions, but a leader is one who works with others to grow and succeed. As for Adolf Hitler, he not only oppressed and exploited people of Germany, but mentality ruined populations and generations of people as well.

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