How Hitler Became Chancellor in 1933

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How Hitler Became Chancellor in 1933

The new Government still couldn't govern properly, and in November

1932, new elections were called. This is how Hitler became master of


There were many factors that contributed to Hitler becoming Chancellor

in 1933. They come under three main headings; Nazi strength,

opposition weaknesses and other factors.

Nazi strength and popularity was one of the main factors.

The Nazis became extremely popular with several groups due to their

policies. Popular policies included dictatorship, as many Germans

believed that bringing back one man rule would solve all their

problems; employment ideas (many Germans were unemployed at the time),

including labourers needed for road building and soldiers for armies.

This would, in turn, help to get German trade moving again.

Supporters of the Nazi party included the military, who resented the

end of the war and the small army Germany was allowed after it;

business people, who feared the growth of communism; Germans, who

thought the government was weak and had betrayed the people in the

peace process and the Versailles treaty; farmers, because food prices

were low and people who disliked the Jews. All this Nazi support meant

more votes for Hitler as Chancellor.

Hitler himself provided the backbone to the party with his confidence

and public speaking skills. In his inspiring speeches he told the

public what they wanted to hear; solutions to problems, scape goats

and promises of a brighter future.

The Nazis controlled the news media with propaganda, making it very

easy to manipulate the public. Josef Goebbels took charge of

propaganda in the party, and campaigns regarded issues such as Jews

foreigners and the November criminals, all of which the German public

could empathise with.

Opposition parties were treated violently, meetings were banned and

they used the SA to terrorise opponents.

The Nazis criticised the Weimar system of government. They felt that

democratic government was failing and that the old system of

government, including the Kaiser, should be brought back into power.
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