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  • The Weimar Republic

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    The Weimar Republic The Weimar Republic was created in Germany in 1918 as a result of widespread socialist unrest. A liberal constitution was drawn up in 1919. There was extensive instability in Germany around this time. The Weimar government had trouble pleasing right and left wing parties because, at this time, Germany was very polarised politically. Hitler dissolved the republic in 1933. But was it doomed from it's beginning? One of the main fields where problems arose was the legacy

  • The Weimar Republic

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    The Weimar Republic The Weimar Republic was set-up in January 1919. It seemed like a new start for Germany after the revolution, this new republic was a democracy, chosen by the people. However, the Weimar Republic, like many new parliaments, was having teething troubles. The main trouble came from the communists. In March they organised strikes, demonstrations, riots, etc. in Berlin. Their one aim,

  • The Weimar Republic

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    The Weimar Republic There are many different opinions regarding the Weimar Republic’s situation by the beginning of 1929 and how well it had done for itself. However there can be no definite judgement because we will never know whether the Weimar Republic could have been developed into a stable parliamentary system if it had not been for the impact of the Depression. Some argue that the success of parliamentary government since 1945 illustrates how democracy could flourish in Germany, but

  • Weimar Republic

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    Weimar Republic There were various factors that contributed to the failure of the Weimar Republic of Germany and the ascent of Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party into power on January 30, 1933. Various conflicting problems were concurrent with the eventuation of the Republic that, from the outset, its first governing body the socialist party (SPD) was forced to contend with. These included the aspect of German imperialism, the unresolved defeat of 1918, financial collapse and

  • Essay On The Weimar Republic

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    workforce under the Weimar constitution. Many of the professions that would normally be for men were opening up for the women of the Weimar republic. Women’s roles in the economy and progress towards economic independence over men were rising. But the fall of the Hitler, Nazi Regime ended it and blindsided the women of 1933. Making them into fertility machines and taking all their rights away. The women were naïve and this powerful leader took advantage of this. But before the Weimar republic, women were

  • The collapse of the Weimar Republic

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    The collapse of the Weimar Republic 1) Explain why the Weimar Republic collapsed. 1) In January 1919, the German voters, elected a national assembly to write a constitution. The assembly met in Weimar, and in August 1919, the constitution established a democratic republic known as the Weimar Republic. It provided for a parliament of two houses ; the Reichstag and the Reichsrat, and a president elected by the people. The chancellor and the cabinet members were appointed by the president

  • The Collapse the Weimar Republic

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    The Collapse the Weimar Republic There is a great amount of evidence that implies that the reign of the W.R would be short lived. However it seemed that their resilience to submit would keep them in power longer. This essay will examine both side of this discussion. The Weimar Republic was on a slippery slope and was quickly collapsing; this was evident in the late 20’s, during Weimar’s reign it had endured trials and tribulations, however they were yet to face more. The chain of weakness

  • Inflation In The Weimar Republic

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    the world. The hardest hit out of all of these countries was, arguably, the Weimar Republic. Already weakened by the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles (1919), the end of the war left the country with few assets and growing economic and political problems. The astronomical amount of debt they were in from reparations and loans can be attributed to the start of growing unhappiness among the people of the Weimar Republic. Their anger only grew when hyperinflation left many penniless and without

  • The Collapse of the Weimar Republic

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    The Collapse of the Weimar Republic There are a various number of reasons for the downfall of the Weimar republic and the establishment of the one party rule, including Hitler's appeal, however it was his consolidation of power 1933-1934 which was largely responsible for the collapse of the Weimar regime. Factors such as the Enabling Act of 1933, the Reichstag fire, the use of the SA, and the banning of all opposition contributed to allowing and enabling Hitler to form a one party, Nazi

  • Threats To The Weimar Republic

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    The Weimar Republic was condemned when it took power in 1919, establishing a democratic system, whilst taking on social unrest and instability caused by the Treaty of Versailles. The Weimar Republic was faced with threats from both right wing and left wing extremist parties. The right and left used violent methods to challenge the government, and eventually this exacerbated political instability, but it is debatable as to which party posed more of a threat to the Weimar Republic. It was established