How Games Have Changed from Atari to Xbox

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Atari was the first commercial video game company with hits like ‘break out” and “pong”. For many people pong was the first video game they have ever played. The idea of pong is that there is two rectangles that only move up and down and a little square that bounces around the screen until one of the rectangles miss, once the rectangle miss’ the game is over. This game may seem simple now but it sold 19,000 units so you can say what you want but back then this was the greatest game ever.
Eventually “Pac-man” came along, this is what “” had to say.
On May 22, 1980, the Pac-Man video game was released in Japan and by October of the same year it was released in the United States. The yellow, pie-shaped Pac-Man character, which travels around a maze trying to eat dots and avoid four mean ghosts, quickly became an icon of the 1980s. To this day, Pac-Man remains one of the most popular video games in history.”

To be totally honest I still play “Pac – man” because it is so fun and addicting even “classic video games pg.18” says “Pac-man was played by so many people it was soon mastered and found to have a glitch” and for extra proof the article “history of video games” says Namco releases Pac-Man, the most popular arcade game of all time. Over 300,000 units are sold
Worldwide. More than 100,000 units are sold in the United States alone. “Did you know “Pac-man’s” name is not his first “The name "Pac-Man" continues the eating theme of the game. Because in Japanese, "puck-puck" (sometimes said "paku-paku") is a word used for eating. So, in Japan, Namco named the video game Puck-Man. After all, it was a video game about a pizza eating super-powered cookies. However, when it was time for...

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...xtreme jugg. This game blows all the other games out of the water this game might even have more sales then black ops two.

See from moving a stick and pressing buttons to story lines, great features, great graphics, and record-breaking sales. I believe you see how it went from simple to complex, these aren’t all the games just the ones I thought were the best of both era’s.

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