The Impact of Video Games

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The Impact of Video Games

Video games are a popular form of entertainment in today’s society. People of every age play video games during their spare time, whether it is on console or computer. Video games now come in the form of millions of different categories and titles. Video game companies will do anything possible so that each game appeals to its audience. This makes a strong connection between people and video games. Video games are known to be time consuming and addicting. Games are also designed to be enjoyable for hours and have some sort of replay value. It causes people to excessively play video games and result in negative side effects. Excessively playing video games cause people to be socially inept, have aggressive behavior, and develop personality issues.

Video games are harmfully time consuming for the people who play them. People become dedicated to video games and spend hours on end just to become better or complete it. From personal experience, gaming can make a person lose track of time. I play one of the most popular games today which is League of Legends. It is a very time consuming game and requires plenty of focus and concentration. On average, a game of League can last about twenty minutes to a whole hour. This causes me to ignore whoever is around me. Playing multiple games of League can take up the whole day and be repeated the next. This amount of time consumption can lead to other problems of the individual.

One of the first noticeable negative effects of video games is that it promotes social ineptitude. A socially inept/awkward person are often shy, lack common verbal and nonverbal skills, and are very anti-social. Meanwhile, a social person includes interacting with other people physically in a...

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...s felt urge to assist the terrorist group in that level, even if they were aware that it was just a video game. This displays the impact a violent video game can have on an individual.

Overall, video games can greatly affect a person. The effects of video games include social ineptitude, aggression, and personality issues. Video games ruin relationships between family and friends. People waste hours excessively playing video games because of addiction and its appeal. Video game categories such as MMORPGs promote social ineptitude and even violence. Video games are the primary reason for a persons aggressive behavior and change in personality. Increased graphics and levels make it hard for players to distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy in violent video games. It is obvious that the negative effects of video games greatly outweigh the positives.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how video games promote social ineptitude and isolation. they also explain how a lack of communication ruins relationships with family and friends.
  • Argues that video games promote socialization, but only to a certain extent. mmos are popular among teenagers and young adults.
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