How Did Reconstruction Solve The Economic Impact Of Reconstruction

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As the Civil War came to its end the Reconstruction era took its place. Reconstruction in America was the period from which previously part of the Confederacy were gotten back into the United States. This period was, above all else, people had a lot of questions and concerns about the future, they were alert to each action the government made. Politicians straggle over the development of new system for farther role and status of freed slaves in the South. The main concern was to see whether the reconstruction period would bring economic, social and political equality to African American people.

The Reconstruction of the South attempted to solve some of the economic problems of the freed slaves but unfortunate in reality could do very
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Since African American were kept out of society for more than 200 years, it was hard for whites to accepted blacks as equal people. Southern states passed the Black Codes, which restricted African Americans freedom. The point of the codes was to reduce influence of free blacks which were granted some rights during the Presidential Reconstruction, to prevent them from voting, bearing arms, be together to worship and learning to read and write. They also imposed restrictions on black citizenship to be able to still control labor of blacks. Another factor which made it harder for freed slaves to enter the society was the Ku Klux Klan organization, which can be described as “Original American Terrorist Organizations”. Most white’s southern viewed literacy, political equality, or any advancement for blacks as a loss to whites. (3) Terrorist groups like the Klan, the Knights of the White Camelia, the Red Shirts, and several others formed during Reconstruction to maintain the preexisting social order of white supremacy in the South. Black Americans had to suffer a lot, but still later on they…show more content…
It created a political situation tantamount to slavery and it also placed the same southerners in political power who had power before the war (6)! Radical Republicans attempted to developed political equality for freedmen by the passage of Reconstruction Amendments: 13th- ended slavery, 14th gave equal protection under the law and 15th gave blacks right to vote. Unfortunately South, where most slaves were located, refused to ratify 14th amendment, altogether it was passed after the first Reconstruction Act as states were mandated to ratify it in order to be readmitted to the Union. At the end of the Reconstruction blacks still suffered from the political inequality in one way or the
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