King Henry VIII: The Unlikely Reformer

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After many failed attempts to obtain a divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII took momentous steps that led to "The Reformation," a significant occurrence in the history of religion. Prior to the reformation, all of England's inhabitants including King Henry VIII prescribed to Catholicism. In fact, King Henry VIII was such a strong supporter that he was given the title "Defender of the Faith" by the pope for his efforts in protecting Catholicism against the Protestants. However, all these changed upon the pope's denial of Henry's request for a divorce. Before the reformation Henry, the VIII had a lot of contributing factors to the start of the reformation. King Henry VIII wanted his marriage with his wife, Catherine of Aragon annulled because he wanted a male heir because at this time women wouldn't rule alone though his wife kept producing females and was about to become too old to have kids and king Henry VIII thought it was her fault not his so he wanted to marry and new younger person Anna Boleyn because he thought she would be …show more content…

Firstly and the biggest impact is that now people can get divorced and now around 40-50% of people get divorces were as before the church of England came to be no one got divorced. The Church of England might not be here. Since Henry VIII left the roman church he made the bibles in English and he made the church services in English if Henry VIII didn't split from the catholic would the services and bibles still be in Latin? King Henry VIII also impacted people's decision on what religion they wanted to be before the reformation most people in Europe were roman Catholics or had no religion whereas now around 40% of the world are Catholics (roman catholic church) and around 37% of the world are Anglicans (the church of England) which is quite close seeing the church of England was only founded in 1534 and the roman catholic church was founded way before

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