King Henry VIII and his Great Impact on the History of England

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King Henry VIII was one of the most powerful rulers in the fifteenth century, who had a very captivating life many people are not aware of. Most people know Henry VIII as a berserk king with too many wives, but there is more to Henry VIII than that. Many few people know about his life and what he truly contributed to our world. Henry VIII was an almighty leader in England who won’t soon be forgotten. Henry VIII was born in Greenwich, England on June 28, 1491. At the age of just two years old Henry was named Constable of Dover Castle, and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. When he was three years old he was created the Duke of York. As a child Henry VIII was an all around well mannered, respectful child. His parents were Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, and he was their second son. His siblings consisted of Arthur (1486-1502), Margaret (1489-1541), and Mary (1496-1533). He was an extremely studious student. He studied French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin, along with music, theology and math. Henry VIII’s education in his childhood was provided by his grandmother, Margaret Beaufort. He had many other tutors, which included John Skelton (rhetoric and literature teacher), Bernard Andre (Latin teacher), and Giles d’Ewes (French teacher) . His musical knowledge was tremendous because he played the lute, organ, and harpsichord. He even composed several pieces of music later on in his life, two of which are called “Pastime with Good Company”, and “The Kynges Ballade”. Other things he enjoyed doing as a child were wrestling, hunting, gambling, tennis, archery, dancing, and jousting. Henry VIII was clearly a very well rounded child who aimed as high as he could in all aspects of his early life. Henry’s brother, Arthur, die... ... middle of paper ... ...ample. Henry VIII was also responsible for the religious reformation in England and changed the religion of England from the Roman Catholic faith to the Protestant Religion, and established the Church of England. If it weren’t for King Henry VIII, England would not have been as wealthy as it was because of the dissolution of the monasteries. The Act of Appeals aided the constitutional development of England, once again, all thanks to Henry VIII. King Henry VIII had huge political, military, and religious impacts on history and on England. Henry VIII’s reign was indeed, greatly important because of all the changes that he influenced on England mainly. This proficient king also produced three children who all became queens or a king. Henry VIII had such a huge impact on England, not just during the fifteenth century, but hundreds of years after his death.
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