Essay On The Effects Of The Protestant Reformation

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There are so many causes from the Protestant Reformation. In the Protestant, there was three different sections that got affected more the the others. When the Protestant Reformation happened it affected the Sociality, Political, and Economic the most. Social changes after the Reformation progressed and the power occurred. The local rulers and nobles collected after the clergy began to lose authority. Peasants revolted and resentful, the actions were condemned by Luther. The freedom the attempt from oppression and even death for some reason. The Reformation seemed to calm the peasants opportunity to challenge their place in the structure classes. One of the effects was when the lessening influence the Catholic Church and the rulers wanted to be less involved in matters of states. Clearly in England as Henry VIII break from papal authority and …show more content…

Netherlands in the 17th and 18th century, as opposed to the decline of Spain and Italy, to their Protestant faith. This is the essence of the Reformation: Man is in his very nature destined to be free. In fact, the weightiest import that the bible has become the basis of the Christian Church: henceforth each individual enjoys the right of deriving instruction for himself from it. and of directing his conscience in accordance with it. These results are robust to a wide array of alternate specifications, and are confirmed by an instrumental variables strategy. In a conclusion, The Protestant Reformation effected the Sociality, Political, and Economic in Europe with woman, men, and children. This took place in the 17th and 18 centuries so be aware of what happened to them and be aware of what could've happened if it was different. Finally, with the conclusion you now know what happened to the Sociality, Political, and Economic with the cause of Protestant

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