Hotel Management Case Study

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Hospitality is one of the largest and fastest growing industries. It constantly needs a reliable work force to support the industry and its’ growth. The hospitality industry is divided into two parts: lodging and foodservice. Within the lodging sector, jobs range from a housekeeper to a receptionist to a general manager. I chose to research the job of hotel and motel managers, because it is within my field of study. A hotel/motel manager plans, supervises, and controls operations of a hotel or motel.
Hotel/motel managers make an average of $44,470 nationally, but in the state of Georgia they make an average of $56,810. A manager will earn more money at a luxury hotel than a motel or limited service hotel. On top of that, they will usually earn
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An assistant manager might be over just one department. The work environment is organized chaos. When a hotel gets busy, it is the general manager and assistant managers’s jobs to keep everything flowing smoothly. Work activities can include communication with others and working with the public. They may also find themselves documenting information or organizing work for employees. Most importantly, they resolve conflicts and build a team of valuable workers. These are only some of the many activities a hotel/motel manager could be found doing. Every day is different for a hotel manager, since it is such a large business. It is possible to get national certification as a lodging manager through the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA), but this is not necessary. For most management positons, an applicant will require a bachelor’s in hospitality or hotel management. However, this is not always the case. If an employee has shown leadership skills, then they may be able to go through the management training process. There is some small opportunities for advancement. Usually when you start as a manager at a hotel, you are first an assistant manager. From there, you…show more content…
I enjoy leading people and working with others to find out what would works best for them. I believe that I have the skill set for this job which I have obtained from my past jobs as a waitress and in my culinary class. I find this career interesting, because of the social aspect. Hotel/motel manager’s work revolve around the happiness of their guest. Guests are the most important part of the hospitality industry. If a guest is not happy, the hotel might decline in business. Managers are usually responsible for satisfying the needs of guests. They also get paid a decent amount of money to work with the guest’s needs. Although most hotel managers are on call twenty-four hours a day, they will be able to have appropriate hours if a respectable staff is hired and properly trained. The only thing I dislike about this career is that the industry might be growing, but less managers are being hired. More hotel companies are building limited-service hotels and fewer full-service. In a limited-service hotel, there aren’t as many departments, so less managers are needed. There are also some companies that are just hiring one manger for a region and not a single hotel. Another potential downside of this career are the long hours that may be needed if there was to be a problem within the hotel. A manager could also have a problem with a

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