Exciting Career of Hotel Managment

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For this assignment I have carried out a job study for the Hotel Management industry.
The reason I chose the Hotel Management industry is because it is a career path that I have always been interested in and curious about. It is a fast growing widespread global industry. I’ve always wanted an exciting career, which would integrate my business and creative skills in a way, which would be more energetic, active and fun than most orthodox and boring office desk jobs. I also desired to work in an industry, which I was fervent about. For my first year Applied study period I had the opportunity to work at The Taj hotels, resorts and palaces, India and my experience there established many of my principles of how the hotel industry operated. Despite my refining on the job experience, that allowed me to explore the various departments and requirements of the everyday job, I had never elaborately researched the prospects of working and skills and requirements required in the Hotel Management industry; and this Is exactly what I aim to accomplish with this report.

Job Description

Hotel Management can be described as running or managing a hotel. Hotel managers are in charge of everything from housekeeping and reservations to catering and concierge services. The Hotel industry as a whole benefits from increased travel. It comprises of businesses that provide services, primary accommodations, food and beverages.

A hotel manager is accountable for the day-to-day functioning of a hotel and its staff. They have trade responsibilities for financial and budgeting management, organizing, planning and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (concierge, reservations, reception), housekeeping and food and beverage operati...

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...fter gaining experience and developing a viable business plan. One can even open his or her own hotel after becoming an experienced manager. Within six months of graduation, hospitality graduates can get a job in this industry with ease. Some of them choose to work in restaurants, pubs, events organising or as waitresses, chefs and receptionists. On the other hand some further purse gaining work experience while studying to broaden their opportunities and further specialize in hospitality related functions.

In the hospitality industry one must be prepared to work all over the globe. There are work abroad opportunities available to trainees and other employees looking to expand their horizons. The possibility to progress in this industry depends on the level of your experience, your flexibility to move around the world and the magnitude of the hotel or its chain.
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