Hitler's Rise To Power

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Hitler's Rise To Power The reason I have chosen is The Treaty of Versailles. I have chosen this reason because I feel that it played a major part in Hitler's rise to power. I feel there are a number of factors why this helped Hitler's rise to power. The Treaty of Versailles One of the factors of the Treaty of Versailles that helped Hitler's rise to power was the 'War Guilt' clause. This helped Hitler because many Germans resented this clause and he could use this to his advantage by protesting Germanys innocence to the masses at Nazi rallies. Another important factor is the reparations clause. This is an important factor because it stated that Germany had to pay £660 Million for the war and when Germany couldn't pay the instalments led to the French taking over the Ruhr region of Germany which in turn led the government ordering a strike. This strike meant Germany didn't have any money to pay the allies. To solve this problem the government printed more money but without the economy to support it caused massive hyperinflation and the first German depression. This helped Hitler because the political and economical problems in the Weimer Republic caused many Putsches' to take place one led by Hitler in 1923. When this putsch was put down and Hitler was imprisoned it convinced him to change he tactics of getting to power from brute force to electoral system. Hitler could also use the fact that the treaty had been signed as a policy. Constantly promising to abolish the treaty and attacking to Weimer government calling the government traitors and weak. Hitler also often promised to remilitarise Germany and gain back l... ... middle of paper ... .... Conclusion Even though I have put all the reasons in order it has to mentioned that it difficult to say that any of the reasons is the sole reason for Hitler's rise to power because are all of the factors with possibly the only exception being Hitler's Personality, experience and leadership skills. The rest are all inter-dependant of each other. They are all in web of causation, for example without the treaty of Versailles there would not of been rebellions and Hitler would have not changed his tactics and would not have try to get elected and probably wouldn't of got elected without the second German depression from 1929. Hitler then wouldn't of got the majority party and than wouldn't of passed the enabling law and than wouldn't been able to get rid of the Weimer government and become the Fuhrer of Germany.
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