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During World War II, Hitler’s Nazis army killed about seventy-six percent of Jews, which was about seven million people. William Golding used symbolism to connect the tragedy from the war to the novel to show how brutal the war was. He had participated in World War II and had experienced the savage side of human nature. The events that led to chaos in World War II were similar to the events occurred in the book. In both, the novel and the war, a powerful leader led a group of people to create disorder in the society. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, he showed various examples of the cruelty of the World War II through the boys’ behavior, and Golding exploits symbolism as a social commentary in World War II. Hitler represented the evil side of any human beings in the world, and he had done many brutal actions towards people. Adolf Hitler was a little-known political leader whose early life had been marked by disappointment. He formed the Nazis party, where they shared the belief that Germany are required to overturn the Treaty of Versailles. During the Depression, many Germans turned to Hitler for security and firm leadership, ”With terrible economic conditions and rapid inflation, support for Hitler's party grew. By 1923, the Nazi's had 56,000 members and many more supporters” (Adolf Hitler Biography). Soon, President Hindenburg announced Hitler the chancellor and he came to power legally. With majority control, Hitler demanded absolute power and turned Germany into a totalitarian state. Hitler waited for the right time to step out and control the people, ”[Hitler] had a charismatic talent that he used for evil to accomplish something beneficial to him” (Maria Langstaff). With such power, Hitler abused it and o... ... middle of paper ... ... how a person can change from good to evil. Golding was able to depict how savagery life was like through the actions of the boys and he was also able to capture the symbolism as a social commentary in World War II. Hitler’s brutal actions against the Jews revealed his true inner dark self, similar to Jack. The Jews were viewed as inferior by the Nazis and they treated the Jews awfully. Piggy was treated the same by Jack because Jack makes fun of him constantly. The symbol portrayed by the author has a connection to an event in World War II, which is the Holocaust. The Lord of the Flies and the Holocaust symbolizes the wicked side of every human. William Golding had experienced the tragedy of World War II and he used many symbols to symbolize the war. Lord of the Flies and World War II relates to one another due to their tragic events and savagery within the leader.

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