History And Culture Of The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a country that over a decade expanded exponentially. When it first started, UAE was a group of small tribes that made its living off of fishing, pearling, and goat herding. Now it is home to some of the largest monuments in the Middle East and its citizens are some of the wealthiest people on earth (About the UAE, 2016). Much of that has to do with the unique history and culture of the UAE. Much of the country’s success has to do with the unique physical environment, culture and history, and military. The physical environment will determine if a new country is going to be successful, or if it is to fall behind the rest of the countries in the area. The Physical environment can be determined by things such as resources, countries and water masses that are bordering the nation, and the terrain features that make up the land. There are many …show more content…

The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic with a Gulf Arabic dialect common with most of the countries that surround it. 75% of the population follows Islam, and the majority of them are Sunni Muslim, and the minorities Shiite Muslims, have communities in the regions of Dubayy and Al Shariqah. Over the last few years growing communities of Christians and Hindus have made an appearance (Crystal, 2016). Their beliefs shaped their culture to resemble most of the Middle East and created some unique customs and unwritten rules. Most people that live in UAE are very polite and will invite strangers into their house for refreshment. When entering a house, remove shoes and leave them outside. The left hand is unclean in the United Arab Emirates and you will not eat, touch, or present gifts with that hand (Customs and behaviors in Muslim countries, 2016). One of UAE’s top priorities is protecting this Muslim culture, that’s why they maintain a state of the art military

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