Challenges Facing UAE Health Care System

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Challenges Facing UAE Health Care System
UAE Health Care System Strategy
Achievement is not coming easily. Achievements require energy as well as a good plan and strategy to can achieve it successfully that is what United Arab Emirates (UAE) health care system did. The ambition of the UAE health care system to become one of the favorite destinations for local patients and a center for international medical tourists need high quality and cost-effective procedure and treatment, that is what makes UAE put long-term strategy to achieve this aspiration (WHO, 2009). In order to support the health care system, the UAE government increasingly focused its effort to attract unique high-level health care providers to the UAE. However, despite the strong support of the UAE government, health care providers, still facing major challenges to grow and operate in the UAE (Eid. n.d). There are many challenges faced UAE health care system, but the government and the health care system reject Surrender and still confront challenges without fatigue or boredom from its side.
Standardization Across Country
One of the great challenges was facing health care development is the lack of standardization of instructions and regulations across the country, also the various stages of health care development in each emirate (Deloitte & Touche, 2011). These challenges formed a huge obstacle in front the development of the health care system. Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Authority of Abu Dhabi (HADD), and The Ministry of Health are examples of the various regulatory bodies that regulate and supervise the UAE healthcare provision in both public and private sectors (Deloitte & Touche, 2011).
Health Care Professionals
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