Hiring New Employees in The Workforce

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Hiring New Employees in The Workforce Hiring new employees is a difficult job for most employers to do. When a person is hired most jobs only know a little about their new employee's personality. They only know what is on the person's resume. Resume's are usually made to make the person seem more intelligent than they really are. Resume's do not tell the employer about the persons work ethics. Personality is to be decided if an interview is given. Even at an interview, a person's personality flaws or work ethics may not be exposed to the employer. This causes employers to make a judgment call just on a person's resume and appearance. This may not always be the best decision to make. Employees are often categorized as: underachieving, average, and hard-working. Underachieving workers open positions for new workers. They are the group of employees that companies try not to hire. These employees do not do what is required from the employer. They tend to slack off when their boss is not around to watch over them. Underachieving employee's often leave jobs unfinished or...
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