The Importance Of Personality In The Workplace

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In this this essay part A will discuss and demonstrate my knowledge regarding personality in a workplace, Part B will demonstrate my self awareness of personality via the self assessment surveys which were completed and discussed in weeks 4-5 tutorial. The survey will analyse my results and what it might mean for my current or future workplace behavior. Part C will apply my knowledge of the literature of personality supported and discussed in Part A and B of the essay. The workplace has become a primary setting to adult life, increased interest have questioned whether condition in the workplace associate with the personality trait in adulthood (Hudson, Roberts, & Lodi-Smith, 2012). Personality traits help make an individual who they are as well as shape an individuals life experience that will facilitate an individuals development of personality traits throughout their life span. The young generations of today “want their work to be an expression of themselves” (Arnott, 2004) this means that young people want jobs that fit well with their abilities and interests, young people want something that is both satisfying and enjoyable. Reports have shown that personality traits can predict future objective and subjective conditions in a workplace; this means that people with an outgoing and forceful trait are predicted to be more successful in the future (Kimdy Le M. Brent Donnellan and Rand Conge, 2013). As discussed workplace plays a role in the development of a persons personality, though they have a “standard” personality when born it is susceptible to changes through their working life, as personality has stable features but is at the same time undergoing change due to their working environment and any life events which they per... ... middle of paper ... discussion has determined that based upon Jana’s experience and personality she will have a successful experience and or career in the Medicare industry based upon her personality test. Personality tests cannot only be used in the selection process, but also to give the employer an insight to their employees in the workplace. Where they may be able to substitute certain jobs to certain employees who’s personality tests accompany that of the employee. Personality testing has been used in large businesses to determine how successful an employee may be in that workplace. Also discussed in previous tutorial classes, is completing the personality test for personal use to view whether or not there has been any personality changes over the course of working in a particular workplace as discussed previously that workplaces are a primary setting for personality traits.
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