Human Resources And The Church Case Study

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Human Resources and the Church People are an organizations most valued resource which makes human resource management extremely important. “Human resource management, is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and of attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns” (Dessler, 2013). Churches and other non-profits often struggle with effective human resource management (HRM) and struggle to hire or recruit the right people whether paid or volunteer, provide orientation and training, and provide fair and competitive pay. Regardless of whether the person is a paid employee or a volunteer, it is important for churches to intentionally develop an effective approach to human resources. …show more content…

(2016, September 28). How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview. Retrieved December 3, 2016, from Interviews can be stressful for both the person being interviewed and the person doing the interview. This is especially true if you have not be trained on how to prepare for or conduct an interview. Post (2016) addresses ways the interviewer can prepare for the interview by researching the candidate and fully understanding the requirements of the job and the skills needed and then conducting the interview effectively. The Bridgespan Group. (2009). Making the Right Hire: Assessing a Candidate 's Fit with Your Nonprofit. Retrieved December 4, 2016, from fit Your recruiting efforts have turned up a strong candidate to fill the position you are hiring for, but you are not sure how they will fit the culture of your organization. This is especially difficult when your candidate is moving from the for profit to the nonprofit sector. How do you assess whether the person is the right fit? This article identifies three practices that will increase the likelihood you will make the right

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