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This advertisement “Binge Drinking: What are you doing to yourself?” is a magazine advertisement that talks about alcoholic substance and what drinking too much of this can do to your brain. New Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) guidelines refer to binge drinking as ‘drinking too much on a single occasion of drinking’ rather than using the term ‘binge drinking’, but the meanings are generally the same (DrinkWise Australia, 2012). This advertisement written and published by the Drink Wise Australia is aimed at audiences of an older age who go out and drink on a regular basis warning them of the trouble alcohol can cause.
1.0 The Message Portrayed
The message of watching what you drink is an extremely important message portrayed in today’s society. It needs to be understood due to the fact that it is such a growing issue and can cause so many regular people to become irresponsible and do even more reckless things during their intoxicated state. Research proves that in 2012 over approximately 75 000 litres of Alcohol was consumed in Australia (ABS, 2013).
1.1 How is the Message portrayed?
This advertisement is extremely interesting as it portrays the key message of ‘watch what you drink’ in a creative way. This advert shows a man while he is out drinking with his girlfriend who is extremely drunk acting like a fool under intoxication towards his girlfriend. Next to that is the same man looking at how he acted the night before and by the expression on his face it is easy to tell that he is disgusted by the manner in which he behaved.
1.2 How does the slogan enhance the message?
The slogan on the poster is ‘Your night, your girlfriend, your sixth beer, your ex-girlfriend’. This slogan also m...

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...around his girlfriend and as said in the slogan this ultimately ends his relationship due to his loss of class. Many binge drinkers in Australia act like fools even on a quiet night at a bar with either their girlfriend, friends, family or partners and binge drinking is becoming a growing issue in Australia because of this issue. The location and setting of this advertisement was very well written and causes the reader to think about their own actions.
In conclusion, the purpose and message of this advertisement has been portrayed effectively within this poster. Many people reading this advertisement would recall their actions and watch what they drink next time they go out to avoid being like the man in the picture. Overall, this ad is able to keep a message well and portray it to a wider audience making them aware of the problem that is, binge drinking.

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