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704 words

How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?

The advertisements for vodka that the Skyy Vodka company comes out with is filled with sexual tenacity, that draws in both men and women who come across their advertisement. Skyy Vodka is a company who consistently produces and evoke very sexual advertisements. The company’s advertisements repeatedly contains a slim, young, and beautiful females who wear provocative clothing, and in many occasions the women in the advertisement usually has a sexual dominance over the male counterpart. The single underlying reason why Skyy Vodka’s advertisements has proven to be very successful is their use of sex by the way they represent their females. The company do not hold back the appeal to sex and they commonly promote the sexual benefits of drinking Skyy Vodka. The use of sex is used everywhere and we have undoubtedly seen it work from ads in magazines and movies to commercials and merchandise, the fact of the matter is that sex is a great and powerful way to market an item or idea. While the advertisement for Skyy Vodka titled “The Antagonist” seen in People magazine’s May 7, 2007 issue adheres to the usual standards of Skyy ads, it has an underlying theme of white, male supremacy and the female threat to that power. Skyy Vodka has become an object that exemplifies sex to young adult males and creates a sense of confidence as the advertisement suggests that consuming their vodka will result into woman being attracted to them.

The advertisement is set in an apartment overlooking some metropolitan city, while a young woman, stands over a hidden man sitting in a 60s style chair with only the forearms and legs showing. The man in the chair holds a martini while the woman holds a...

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...hich makes the advertisement successful.

Though at first glance, the woman is depicted as the inferior while she caters to the man, and is also quite devalued as a person as she is wearing revealing clothing, there appears to be an underlying competition between the man and woman in the advertisement, this is emphasized by the colors and symbols. The woman uses sex and alcohol to weaken the man, in attempt to gain some dominance in the man’s world. However, from the advertisment’s title, it is seen that the actions of the female are “antagonistic.” The woman is criticized for her techniques at achieving power yet the male is not criticized for objectifying women or using them to fulfill sexual fantasies. While an advertisement for Skyy Vodka, this ad presents the world of a successful, white male and warns him against the young seductress, desperate for power.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how skyy vodka's advertisements are filled with sexual tenacity that draws in both men and women who come across them.
  • Analyzes how the colours used by the vodka company for their advertisement exemplify theme of sex and authority.
  • Analyzes how the underlying competition between the man and woman in the advertisement is emphasized by the colors and symbols.
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