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My personal motivation for applying to the HACU internship program is that I want to be exposed to a real work environment while still in college. Working with an organization on projects with real-world impact would be an eye-opening and valuable experience that would help me greatly in choosing and carrying out my future academic and career goals. I know that my college courses have prepared me well to contribute with analytical skills to any organization. Thus, I would be excited to get an internship opportunity with a government or corporate sector organization, allowing me to expand the skillset and knowledge that I have gained in my college courses and labs. On top of that, getting an internship would be an adventure and a great way to gain new skills.
My academic goals are very well delineated. I want to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Harvey Mudd College. Harvey Mudd …show more content…

I bring great organization skills and relentless dedication to any employer. I have an immense care to detail yet can always adjust myself to suit the time and resource constraints of any project. My college experience thus far has given me excellent analytical skills including statistics and data analysis that can be useful in a number of professional environments, paired with machine shop skills, experience with electronics and circuitry, and proficiency with Java, Python, and C++. I am a respectful and fluid negotiator and work very well with others. On the many projects I have worked on, my teammates have remarked on my calmness, adaptability, and ingenuity. My college courses have also given me substantial knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics which is always useful when addressing projects that incorporate these areas of study. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English and have learned some basic Mandarin; all useful languages in our globalized

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