Personal Statement For Environmental Engineering

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PERSONAL STATEMENT Christopher Coleman Civil Engineering Major Ohio University With an evolving world and growing population, environmental engineers are constantly faced with challenges to design and manage systems that help utilize our natural resources without degrading our earth. I want to be faced with these challenges head on, with my passion for the environment and ability to solve unknowns; I am destined to become an environmental engineer. My entire educational background has prepared me for my next goal: to obtain my master’s degree in environmental engineering. After graduating from high school I got accepted into Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. While at Cincinnati State, I took a wide verity of engineering courses like Geographic Information Systems, Surveying and Drafting, and Fluid Dynamics as well as Environmental courses like Environmental Sampling, Regulations and Permits, and Water and Wastewater Treatment Control. Although I only obtained my associates degree from Cincinnati State, I took extra math courses like pre-calculus to help prepare me to further my education. After graduating from Cincinnati State, I then transferred to Shawnee State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering Technology. Shawnee helped me expand my knowledge and I took engineering courses like thermodynamics, toxicology, and Into to Electricity/Electronics. Attending Shawnee State University prepped for the working world and gave me opportunities for entry level employment. I had to work during most of my college life, my mother helped me as she could but in order to finish college I had to make some kind of funds for myself. My first year at Cincinnati State I worked part time as a Extra... ... middle of paper ... ...e microorganisms to treat and clean contaminated water and soil as well as use it to remove contaminants naturally. I am so ready and eager to researching in environmental engineering because it will give me the opportunity to access another area in my field. One of my future goals is to teach an environmental engineering course at a university part time. This of course requires a graduate degree. Attending Ohio University and obtaining my masters degree is a major goal and perhaps one of this largest and most challenging goals I want to overcome. I am destined for greatness and Ohio University will certainaly put me on the right path to that destiny. I know Ohio University will expand my knowledge tremendously and challenge me to take new hights Id never thought I would reach! My goals are high because I know I am blessed with the clarity to reach my career goals.

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