Harvey Mudd College Essays

  • HACU Personal Statement

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    personal motivation for applying to the HACU internship program is that I want to be exposed to a real work environment while still in college. Working with an organization on projects with real-world impact would be an eye-opening and valuable experience that would help me greatly in choosing and carrying out my future academic and career goals. I know that my college courses have prepared me well to contribute with analytical skills to any organization. Thus, I would be excited to get an internship

  • Claremont Newcomers Guide

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    to the presence of Pomona College, founded 1888 as a New England-style school of higher learner. Over the years, Claremont evolved into a thriving college town famous for its consortium of seven acclaimed colleges. Up until the end of World War II, the area also was part of southern California’s flourishing citrus industry. Today, the city is home to about 34,926 residents (2010 Census) within its 14.4 square mile boundaries, Claremont. Befitting its position as a college town, the median age is 38

  • Mathematics and Science: My Favorite Subjects

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    My pedestal quality lies in the area of mathematics. It polishes my academic armor and sharpens my sword of educational merit. Mathematics is the backbone of my academic figure. Arithmetic and functions come like breathing and a math challenge is always appreciated; however, in no way is my prestige in math providing even the smallest level of interest for me. In fact, mathematics to me is comparable to a wrench in a toolbox: useful when needed, but otherwise useless. Nevertheless, my understanding

  • Textile Mills: Their Innovation and Impact on Society

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    When our group found out that this year’s History Day topic was “impact and innovation” we had an epiphany to exemplify what impacted people’s lives the most, so we concluded to do our on project on the innovation in the textile industry and impact of the textile mills. The textile mills provided people with a cheap source of cloth that had an impact on every person’s lives during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In order to get our information on the innovation and impact of the textile

  • STEM Education

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    Rosalind Brewer is the Chief Executive Officer of Sam’s Club. However, many do not know that her undergraduate area of study was chemistry. After graduating from Spelman College in 1984, Brewer took a job as a chemist with Kimberly-Clark, working in a lab. (Daniels). Five years later, she made the transition to the business side. She worked at Kimberly-Clark for twenty-two years. She gradually became the president of the global nonwoven fabrics business. In 2006, Walmart invited her to head stores

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Everyone Go To College

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    think of college, you don’t question if it is a good or bad investment for starting your future. Most people would say that college is the best decision you will ever make, but Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill, estimate the rate of return to education in “Should Everyone Go to College?” Two important factors to consider when thinking about your college career include the type of institution you want to attend and the field of study you are going into. Not all people have the same college experience

  • A Career in Aerospace Engineering

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    aircraft and vast application, the geographical limitations for aerospace engineer are to first and second world countries because third world countries would ... ... middle of paper ... ...compare/251-388/California-Institute-of-Technology-vs-Harvey-Mudd-College> "Home - FAFSA on the Web - Federal Student Aid." 2003. 6 Apr. 2014 "Results - eAdvisor™ Academic Program Search - Arizona State ..." 2009. 5 Mar. 2014 "Scholarship search | ASU Scholarships." 2011. 6 Apr. 2014 "Summary." U.S. Bureau of

  • The Importance Of Gender Diversity

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    The gender diversity is a serious problem in most STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industry. In our company, iNova, there is a serious lack of gender diversity that we only have 24 percent female in the workplace. First, our company should understand the importance of gender diversity. In the first article “Why Workplace Gender Diversity Matters”, Anne Marsan pointed out directly that most tech companies lack of gender diversity. Then she explained several reasons why gender

  • Case Study: Montana State University

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    Although Harvey Mudd is not the only school that does not offer in or out-of-state tuition, Montana does, including the most chosen school in the state, Montana State University. For 2016-2017 undergraduate as a Montana resident, the tuition total which includes their standard in-state tuition fee, dorm room, and books/supplies, the total per semester is approximately $8,545. On the other hand, attending Montana State University as a non Montana resident includes a higher flat tuition price with

  • Excellence in Engineering Education

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    How should we describe the excellent engineer and what kind of education is demanded by such a person? Several issues are involved. One of these is the character of our times; that is, the best engineer out of the "science engineering" model of the 1950s may have little value in the early 21st Century. Another issue is the concept of education. How do education and training differ and how is excellence achieved? Finally, clearly, there is the issue of what we would expect of an engineer who is truly

  • Analysis Of The Freirean Method

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    There has been plenty of discussion on which teaching methods best engage students in a classroom setting. The proposed methods come in variety, but one method that has had success recently is the Freirean method (Santos 363, 364). The Freirean method is composed of dialogical classes, classes that are based around discussion, whose intentions are to provide relevant social and technological education to students. For example, Wildson Dos Santos writes in his article “Scientific Literacy: A Freirean

  • Difference Between STEM And SET Fields

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    that women face in SET fields is known as the “leaky pipeline” (Servon). The leaky pipeline name is based off of the image attached to the phenomenon. Women and men travel along the pipeline as they move through their careers. From high school to college and on to their first job, they move onwards. However, along the way people 'leak out ' and do not progress. In the IT field it is much more common for women to leak out than men. One of the reasons for according to Servon is that the SET fields