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Golf is a sport of confidence, honesty, and patience. It has taught me to practice these traits in my everyday life. I have more confidence in myself and I know that I will succeed. I am honest even when the truth hurts. I am patient with those around me no matter how annoyed I may be. My name is Evin Edens, and golf is my passion. I grew up at Ravenwood Country Club. I had the perfect life. My dad was a PGA golf professional and I got to use the club’s facilities whenever I pleased. However, there was one problem: I despised golf. Not only did golf disgust me, but it was my mortal enemy. I was around it so much that I never wanted to play. I would have been much happier chasing butterflies than playing golf. My dad forced me to play for my middle school team, but I didn’t complain considering I got to play with boys. I was pretty good, too. I was not only playing with these boys, but I was competing with them. Everything was going well. I wasn’t in love with golf, but I didn’t hate it anymore. One sad day, that perfect life I had came crashing down. My dad was told that he was being let go. I was not a huge golf fan, but these people did not understand at all. Ravenwood was my home. It was where I had grown up. I had so many memories from that place, and they had taken it away from me. I graduated from Holy Rosary Academy and life was simple. I told my parents that I had decided to play basketball and golf in high school, but they made me choose one sport to commit myself to. I obviously chose golf. I played very well my freshman year alongside my senior partner. We never made state, but we had a great season together. My parents had a talk with me at the end of freshman year and asked me if golf was what I wanted to do... ... middle of paper ... ...tournament and placed 4th and I had an all-around good season. I have already set goals for my senior year. I plan on winning state and having another successful season. I want to look back on my high school career and remember how well I played and the great people that I have met. I do plan on playing golf in college. I have already begun the recruiting process and it is going very well. I have no idea what I want to do in college, but I’m leaning toward physical therapy. Going through it myself made me appreciate the hard work that physical therapists do. At the moment I plan on trying to play on the LPGA Tour when I finish college, but I have decided that I will see how I feel when that time comes. For now I’m going to focus on three things: school, golf, and having fun. I want to remember my teenage years and I want to remember all the good times I have had.

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