George Washington As A Hero

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George Washington An American Hero
The definition of a hero is someone who can overcome great challenges as a leader. George Washington is an American hero who meets this definition. He was a person with traits such as leadership, courage, and a successful independent life.
To begin, George Washington’s leadership was exceptional. As a matter of fact, he was America’s first president. He served two terms from 1789-1797 ("George Washington." Washington didn’t really want to lead the nation at first; he just wanted to live his life at home and not worry about leading anymore. But, the first presidential election was held on January 7, 1789, and Washington won handily ("George Washington." Everyone saw him as a good leader and thought he would be the right man to lead the country, so he gave in. I believe he was the right person for the job because of his past experiences with leading the army would help him with leading the country. They also saw his leadership when, in 1787, he was asked to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and head the committee to draft the new Constitution ("George Washington." So this just shows the amount of leadership he had and how people saw it in him when he did great things. I think George Washington’s leadership abilities as president really set an example for future presidents. His ideas and success as president made him a great first leader.
Another reason Washington had great leadership abilities was because of his experience in the Revolutionary war. In June of 1775, congress commissioned him to take command of the Continental Army besieging the British in Boston during t...

... middle of paper ... an all-around great person. He really understood how things work and what to do. He also spent time exploring the Virginia wilderness as a surveyor ("Biography of George Washington." These little details of Washington stand out to me because I think he was a very different kind of person. He explored and built, establishing a greater America.
All in all, George Washington was an American hero who could overcome anything as a leader. With traits such as leadership, courage and the ability to live independently, he really established a great foundation for future Americans. I think, and hope, people will continue to recognize the things that Washington did for this country. From being the first President, to fighting in the American Revolutionary War, Washington is an American hero that stands out from the rest of our nation’s leaders.
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