The Boston Tea Party Essay

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The French and Indian war had left the British economy in ruins. The secretary of state William Pitt had spent copious money on the war. In order to accommodate for the massive debt they had, the British thought it reasonable to tax the colonist on certain goods to help. Considering the British had fought for them, they saw no reason the colonist would oppose. Some of these taxes were the Townshend acts, the Sugar act, which was the tax on sugar and allowed conviction for smuggling without a court case. The stamp act, which was a tax on anything paper, and the Currency act. Some acts were added in hopes of bringing in money, others were not. There were the Writs of Assistance which allowed them to search cargo without a warrant, there was the …show more content…

The could easily turn the Boston Massacre victims into martyrs who had sacrificed their lives to overturn the unmerited laws and acts of the British. The Boston Tea Party which resulted in the Intolerable acts which cut off Boston 's trade could be perceived as the Britain 's cruel and harsh laws. It was another punishment to the colonies that wasn 't right. The Daughters of Liberty were the women who received great honour from the people as they had taken up the making of clothes that everyone had depended on from British trade. The Son of Liberty was a secret group of American colonists who fought for the protection of their rights and taxation. One of my favourite members was Hercules mulligan who would become a key spy in the revolution for the patriots. The Committee of Correspondence in Boston communicated with the other colonies saying they should begin opposing the sugar and currency acts, much like Boston was doing, the states needed to act as one in this early rebellion. At first, this was directed to the rich but John Adams wrote “the people, even to the lowest ranks” were to defend their natural …show more content…

Thomas Jefferson was also a key leader. He wrote the Declaration of Independence and truly made a statement when he said there acts were the natural right of humans. That it was their right to fight the unjust powers of government that had become corrupt. The declaration was printed everywhere, it was succinct and persuasive. It clearly labelled the want of the nation and declared their freedom. It was a bold move when it was clear to see that England was with a doubt the stronger power. I also highly admire John Hancock for his bravado in signing the declaration so big that the king would be able read it without his glasses. George Washington is, of course, the face of our nation. He did a lot of great in leading the country and keeping our spirits up throughout the war. Though I give him the most credit for giving our country something it truly needed, something after the war. He taught us to move on. After years of service in the military, and being president for 8 years he could have kept running, he could have held office until his death, but he didn 't. He stepped down and taught the nation to move on. He would allow the nation to accept change and allow for the government system to truly work. His stepping down would pave the way for every president to do so, to not allow a tyrant to hold the position and corrupt the nation. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the french and indian war had left the british economy in ruins. the british thought it reasonable to tax the colonist on certain goods to help.
  • Opines that the boston tea party and boston massacre could be used as propaganda by spinning the tales in the colonist's favour.
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