Bipgraphy of George Washington

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Yes, George Washington was our first president so he had to be a good leader, but everybody struggles. Of course, this did apply to George Washington and he was still the best man to begin our country’s government. To discover the details, however, investigation and explanation is required.
Born in 1732 at Wakefield Plantation in Virginia, George Washington became his father’s eldest of six children in his second marriage. His father did his best to provide him with tutors and private schools until he died when George was only 11. Due to this death, George Washington’s half brother, Lawrence, fulfilled the father role. Lawrence was a part of the Royal Navy, which influenced George Washington to pursue a naval career (George Washington Biography).
At age 21, in 1753, he did just that. He had some experience with surveying parties, but in the militia, on an adjutant ship, he felt the same as the rest of the men. By 1754, Washington had received the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and eventually Colonel. He led an attack on the French’s control of the Ohio River Valley. This was one of many reasons the French and Indian War began. Later in 1754, he resigned his commission, however the next year he was needed to serve alongside General Edward Braddock. In the battle of Monongahela, PA, his forces were defeated yet again and he barely escaped death from the French forces. By 1759, Washington grew tired of governmental neglect and resigned again (George Washington Biography).
Washington headed to his home in Mount Vernon and then married the Widow Martha Dandridge Custis, with her two children. In 1759-1774, Washington sat in the Virginia House of Burgesses. The colonies had grown tired of Britain by now, and after the battle...

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In conclusion, it seems that George Washington was indeed a great leader as both general and president. Not only was he a good leader though, he was also a good example, role model, and teacher to the future leaders of America. He showed us some of the best responses as a leader to those he leads. Washington is indeed an effective leader in history.

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