Geeting Ready for Prime Time: I Want to Go to College

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Getting Ready for Prime Time
According to a report from the Century Foundation, with 11 million students, community colleges are home to 45 percent of the collegiate population in the United States; in that same report, 81.4 percent of students who enter community colleges for the first time planned to obtain a bachelor's degree in the future, but just 11.6 percent achieved that goal. I have attended college once and failed; I plan to succeed this time by recognizing the potential opportunities, by overcoming the challenges, by listening to advisors and by utilizing effective strategies.
As a child, I always wanted to go to college but because of circumstances beyond my control, I was not even able to complete high school. I had to drop out of school and take care of my siblings when my mother abandoned us. This was the biggest hurt in my life, but I still had that dream to go back to school. I went to Job Corp and then I went to a vocational school and eventually received my G.E.D. In the back of my mind I still had that dream of going back to school. Going to college for me will open up so many new doors and give me the opportunities that I have not had otherwise. My biggest dream has been to obtain a degree in education, that I may be a kindergarten teacher. Receiving my degree will not just give me a job but a career, something I’ve never had before. I’ve always worked low paying jobs with little or no benefits. I did what I had to do to make ends meet as a single parent, but I always vowed within myself that one day I would go back to school and complete my degree. The desire for a college education still holds true to this day. I came to Thomas Nelson to make a dream come true, and not only will I receive an education to be...

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...first things first). I will study hard, attend class each day, complete all assignments and always do the best that I can. When I’m feeling my worst, I will force myself to do my best. I will always rely on my faith and trust in God, which is not a strategy; it’s just my way of life. I believe to be a success at anything I must put God first because when I take Him out of the equation I tend to mess up.
In conclusion, though college may be a long road, quitting is not an option. I believe that if I stick to what’s important recognizing the opportunities, staying aware of the challenges and meeting them head on, heeding the advice of my advisors and always having strategies in place I will no doubt excel. I plan to work hard and succeed. I belong here and if I have to fake it, I will fake it until I become it, because it is in me to be great. I will succeed!
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