A Finer Womanhood

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There are many ways which one could interpret the topic of finer womanhood, and indeed the call of womanhood is deep. As females we symbolize suffrage and bravery acknowledging our potentials. All women have a role to fill which varies through the years as culture evolved. Today women are treated and seen with respect and equality. It hasn't always been this way, however, during our nation's early years, a small number of hard working women have competed to obtain women's rights. Because of this cause, every women, regardless of its race, can vote, speak publicly, make self decisions, hold government office, and work outside home. Women utilize these rights as a demonstration of power. As a young lady I have decided to become an early childhood education teacher. Throughout my high school years many of my friends have been thrilled to study a higher education level in college. The majority believe that being a teacher is not what I should do for the rest of my life because the income is not as immense as other careers. Many suppose that this job is simple, but in reality his job re...
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