Football Discourse Community Analysis

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Football is a discourse community I am involved in where the members have similar goals and expectations. As in what Swales describes a discourse community as groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals”. In his article “The Concept of Discourse Community” (Swales 466-479) Swales argues for a fresh conceptualization of discourse community, especially as a distinct entity from the similar sociolinguistic concept of speech community, and building upon the foundations of that argument defines discourse community in his own. In the Conceptualization of Discourse Community he talks about the six defining characteristics of a discourse community. The discourse community I am part of is playing and coaching football.…show more content…
These activities are what allow the team to be characterized as a discourse group and to succeed. As for me being a former coach I can relate to how important it is for coaches to use multiple literacies and method of communication in the coaching community that contain interpersonal, situational, and textual literacies. Furthermore, I think this has helped me understand that coaches need to be diverse and /or knowledgeable in multiple discourse communities. This will help with reading and reacting to all types of individuals within the group and organizations. I realized that it is beneficial to learn about different discourse communities, in order to be successful within a coaching community. Such as being familiar with all aspects of the discourse community and their methods of communication, language, and also learning how to read body language are just some of the basic requirements. As far as my coaching discourse goes I can relate it to my community having everything that characterizes a group of people as a discourse community and almost always is related to the success of a shared goal. I am also able to make a connection between the different literacies that coaching demands. Just as we as coaches use our interpersonal literacies skills help motivate players, we must also know how to handle the material to delivery the information everyone involved in the a specific community. This is why it is important to be diverse different forms of literacies. Hopefully this new perspective of knowing and learning forms of literacies and the concept of discourse community will help me in the
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