Reflection Of A Team Meeting

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From the beginning, where we were unfamiliar with each other and became a team, my team and I had started to learn each other name and getting to know each other. Throughout each meeting, we slowly start to feel more comfortable and open minded with each other. Not only are we getting familiar with each other, each meeting that was held we progress of becoming an effective team member, we learn our strengths and weaknesses of everyone. During the meetings, we learn many concepts from the textbook, “Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices” by Steven A. Beebe and John T. Masterson. We were able to learn different types of concept in the textbook and utilized it as a team to complete certain tasks. The three concepts that impacted my team and I are human…show more content…
It is the way to interact with each other can help find the strengths and weaknesses that each member have and it allows the team to help each other and creates a comfortable atmosphere for the team to work with each other. During our first team meeting, we start to know each other by sharing information and we do it by communicating with each other. One would talk and the rest of the members would listen to the person talking and that how we learn more about each other. Every single meeting we had, we always communicate with one another whether there is a question, a conflict, or just wanting to talk, as a team we would listen no matter what. For instance, one of our meetings was about selecting a topic for the final team project, as a group we discuss among ourselves what ideas are good and we fully go deep in details. Communicating with one another helps each of us get different opinions and ideas from one and another, where we can be more creative as team. “We don’t send meaning; we create it based on our experiences, background, and culture” (Beebe & Masterson, 2014). We communicate like this because we can understand on how each of us think and hearing from each member in the team
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