Discourse Community: The Big Role Of A Discourse Community

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934 words

Discourse communities play a big role in life and how humans interact in general. A discourse community refers to a group of people who have language, life patterns, culture, and communication in common with each other. The idea of a discourse community has also been used to bring people of different orientations together, like family members, students, or committees. All of these types of people might have different standards of living, like their level of income, education, and work abilities. Discourse community can also refer to a speech community, because the main feature of a discourse community is communication. A discourse community can include groups of different regional areas that may or may not share norms and living patterns …show more content…

Facebook is a great place to communicate in many ways with other people. One way you can communicate is by finding answers to any questions you might have. For example, if there is question I have about a class assignment, I simply can login to Facebook and send my friend a private message asking him what I need help with. It is a fast, easy, and simple. Many students use Facebook, so it’s a great communication tool to use to get quick help from your friend. Sometimes you might have forgotten what page number a homework assignment was on. If you don’t have a student’s cell phone number, with Facebook, you can easily contact someone in your class and find out more details about the assignment. You can also communicate with other people through Facebook groups. Facebook groups can be created about any topic. The groups often have a message or purpose that the creator is trying to get across. Users are able to join these groups and share their ideas with each other. Facebook events are another way users can communicate. For example, someone might be planning a birthday party at their house and would like to spread the news to as many friends as possible in a quick and organized way. Facebook event invitations allow users to provide all the details about the event, like time and location, and this can be sent to multiple users at one …show more content…

Like Facebook, Instagram offers an environment where people can upload pictures and videos and other people can comment and like what is posted. Pictures that are uploaded on Instagram can be shared on Facebook. This expands the communication environment of Facebook. Facebook has become very big with video and picture sharing. Users can comment on various videos and pictures uploaded by their peers. Users also have the option to like videos and pictures. Other people can see these interactions being done, which leads to other people seeing the pictures and videos. Many advertisements are also used on Facebook. Since Facebook receives a lot of traffic from people, videos that advertise products can be uploaded to Facebook, so they can get more attention. People are able to attach recent news articles onto their profile that can be shared with their friends and family members. All of these are useful techniques and lead to a larger communication discourse

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that discourse communities are groups of people who have language, life patterns, culture, and communication in common with each other.
  • Explains that facebook is a great place to communicate in many ways with other people.
  • Explains that facebook has become a gateway bridge to another social networking site called instagram.
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