Food And Advertising: The Effects Of Food Advertising?

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How is food advertised? What kind of food is the most advertised?Who do the food industries target when they advertise their food. Food is advertised in many different ways whether it is through social media, ads, television commercials, at schools, on public transit, and so forth. Most, food that is being advertised is food that is high in sugar, processed food, high in carbohydrates and fast food. All of these foods are very unhealthy to the children in society and as the years go by more children are being diagnosed with childhood obesity. As a society, there has to be a change in the way this food is being advertised to children because all these foods only affect the children because they are unhealthy for them. Children are so young and they are easily manipulated. What the food industries really want is to sell their merchandise, and they have no worries on how that affects the children. But what they do not understand is that the food that one advertises for children to eat should be more healthy. Although food is something one needs in one’s everyday life, frequently the food industry takes advantage of food marketing and advertising to market food to our…show more content…
In other words, the food that is being advertised to the children is usually foods that is unhealthy and that can the children gaining weight and probably becoming obese. These advertisements promoting poor nutritional quality are not good for the children’s health. The advertising of this unhealthy food to the children impacts how children are deciding to eat instead of wanting to eat healthier
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