Film Analysis: Million Dollar Baby and Boleyn Girl

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After watching all three films Million Dollar Baby, In a world…, and The other Boleyn Girl my first impression was that these three movies had multiple things in common between one another. These movies showed the mere fact how women were treated unfairly based on their gender. Women weren’t seen fit as good enough compared to men to be accomplished and powerful. The movie Million Dollar Baby and In a World were more in common with each other because it shows how women are pursuing a passion they love to do that they are good at but men are usually the ones to say you can’t do this or do that because you’re a female. Maggie and Carol did not let these stereotypical myths stop them from doing what they love to do. They actually proved men wrong showing them that women are not just going to sit down and just be part of the norm men created women to fall in. The movie The Other Boleyn Girl is more about how Anne and Mary are looked at as King Henry’s mistresses and they are basically competing on who can give him a son. The king obviously believed that if he had a son he would be able to rule and govern his empire better than a female would. That is why he kept pushing for a son and he was desperately doing whatever was possible to have a son with any women he could find. This shows how demeaning men are towards women in this movie and the women in the movie have to deal with because people in a higher power or just men in general usually have authority over women as a whole. However, Mary show how she can manipulate and get King Henry and Henry Percy to do whatever she pleases because her personality in the movie was she more blunt and forceful. King Henry and Henry Percy could not help how weak they get when it came to love and rom... ... middle of paper ... ...e steps in advancing their future to being equal to men. With this huge development I wouldn’t be to surprise if more women than men are capitalizing in big positions in companies in another 35 years to come. We need to realize that men and women think differently. They are two different species of people that have their own minds of their own. One shouldn’t be better than the other, but it is good to make a connection between these two genders. I think men will obviously be stronger when it comes to how bodies are built compared to women. Especially if it deals with sports. However, women usually are the ones that have the advantage when it comes to love, that is if they are the right ones. I am a women myself, so who am I to judge. The point is that women are getting tougher and stronger and we are finally becoming equal to men to a point where it ok to say this.

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