Essay On The Role Of Women In A Doll's House

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Women in the 19th century were not treated much better than property. A woman had absolutely no rights. She was not her own person, she was the person that everybody else expected her to be. Women did not have any power over the man in a public or private setting They were treated as property and were supposed to do as the man said. Also, women were not allowed to have jobs, and expected to keep to the house and raise the children. While today it is harder to comprehend the treatment of women in the 19th century Henrik Ibsen does an amazing job portraying this in his drama, A Doll House, with one of the main characters Nora. Nora is the wife of Torvald. She has always been in a rich family. Growing up, her father was very wealthy. Nora then married Torvald, who also has money. While many would think that Nora had everything she could ask for, she never had any power or freedom. Torvald questions Nora about her getting into the sweets. He said “Hasn’t nibbled some pastry?” (1283). This shows the power that Torvald has over Nora because he has told her that she is not allowed to eat the sweets. This is something tiny and a very low sign of power but this is seen in larger situations. In the 19th century, women were unrepresented in the parliaments of nearly every nation (“Women’s …show more content…

Women are now treated as equals. Women hold many positions of power and make world changing decisions. Women are also treated as equals in the house. They are no longer expected to serve the man and do as he says. Finally, women are now allowed to have to have jobs. While taking care of the children is still one of the main goal in a women’s life, it is not just the women’s job anymore. It is no longer abnormal for a woman to go out and get a job and the man be the parent who stays at home and takes care of the children. While there have been many advancements and changes along the way, this is just the

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