Gender Roles And Women Sports

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Gender roles and gender stereotypes greatly affect men and women sports. They affect men and women sports so much that men sports are far more popular than women sports. Gender roles are what or society expects of us, and gende2r stereotypes are fixed and oversimplified beliefs. The difference is that gender roles are what we observe in society, and gender stereotypes are what we assume about certain individuals (Rathus, 2010, p.447).
The physical differences between males and females are deep voices, hair, and sexual organs. The primary physical characteristics are the sex organs, and the secondary physical characteristics are deep voices and hair. The cognitive differences between males and females are that males have a bigger right side
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That means females have a long way to catch up to males. In recent studies it shows that females are catching up to males and me being a male, that makes me sick. Females are also playing manlier sports like ice hockey and boxing. Women sports also don’t get televised right or they don’t get televised often, and that’s why we have gender stereotypes about sports. If a men sport and a women sport was suppose to be televised at the same time on the same channel, the men sport would be televised and not the women sport. That is just how our society works in today’s world (Men Vs. Women, 2015) (Bodenner, 2015).
My opinions on men and women sports are different for both subjects. My opinion on men sports is that it is way better than women sports because men sports are greatly more action packed than women sports. Men sports are more popular also because they are more exciting. You never hear anyone talk about the WNBA or Women’s Major League Softball because who cares about women sports. The gender roles say that the women are supposed to nurture the kids and the man is suppose to support the family. That makes sense for the male to play sports then because of these gender
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Some people might say that 92 plus 5 doesn’t equal 100 and that’s correct, the other 3% belongs to general topics. The Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles also did another research method on Men’s and Women’s Basketball. They found out that on men’s game there were, on average, 18 replays per game and only 12.7 replays per game when the women’s played. Stats were also shown more during men’s games with about 57.6 stats per game, and only 38.3 stats per game when the women played (Gender Stereotyping,
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