Overview Of Women In The Red Tent By Anita Diamant

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Women in the biblical bible represent a transitioning and evolutionary turn for women in the future. Biblical women have open doors of opportunities that allow women to become more independent, confidents and sophisticated. History has shown how women first were seen as a typical care taker or protector compared to a “provider,” which was more associated with men. However, over the century, there has been a chain broken and opportunities released that allowed women to become more like men to a certain degree. There has been a change in status, roles, and education. Biblical women have allowed women in the twenty-first century the chance to obtain a higher status role such as, a provider for their family. Therefore, allowing women to stand up for their rights and what they believe in using sexual techniques. Such as, manipulating men, using their body as a weapon and the power of “sisterhood” to get what they want.
The Bible, demonstrates the typical women and how there’s the beginning of women breaking out there shell, which would be considered as disrespectful in the past but, would be tolerated in the twenty first century. On the other hand, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant illustrates the master mind of women shifting the stigma and breaking the norms of being voiceless. Anita Diamant reveals how the bible would have been written by a women, and in the perspective of a voiceless person in the bible. Diamant uncovers the true meaning of what a “title” expresses. She explains, how a title can represent you and what others may see about you, which is only your “title” not your character speaking for yourself.
In the bible, women were seen as a higher status and honor than concubines; however, they were still less worthy than their h...

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...ything men can do. Although, women are treated somewhat like there is still room for improvement. Women have the opportunity to take on masculine occupations however; society doesn’t fully accept the change of women in the work field. Women in the work field are supposed to be as equal as men yet, there are some aspects that have not changed such as, respect, power and pay. Women could maintain the same job as a man but, still make less than men. According to United States Census Bureau, women make seventy-seven cents that a man’s dollars. Overall, in a year women are losing money that they have worked for. However, society as a whole is composed of consumers, and if consumers are not willing to changer there ways of thought and allow women and men to become equal then women will always be less than a men. No matter if it’s the same job title, position or education.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how diamant illustrates rebecca's role as a prophet, and how gender roles define her purpose and character.
  • Opines that biblical women are inspiring for women today because they have helped change the way people think and view women as only a housewife.
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