Facebook: The Real Side Of Facebook And Social Networking?

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Social networking has been exploding with popularity since the 90s and has progressively attracting more and more different audience types. Some social networking sites that are currently popular are MySpace, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder, and Snapchat but the most widely used social network is most likely Facebook. Facebook was originally created for a small specific group of college students but it expanded all over the country and eventually the world. Facebook is an outstanding social network that allows people to socialize and share what is going on in their lives. This particular online cyberspace allows people to fulfill their needs of social connection and self-expression as well. Facebook can be used for multitudes of purposes…show more content…
As humans, the feeling of being in the loop and knowing the most current news is a natural desire. In the article ‘Facebook’s appeal is lasting,’ Randi Zuckerberg states that Facebook taps “into a human need and emotion to connect with people.” Facebook was literally designed for connection and that is exactly why so many people because infatuated and even addicted to it. The popular social network keeps people connected at ease and with a simple click of the button. As a small side note though, Facebook is a wonderful tool but as Dr. Melvyn said in the article done by Dave Rhea, social networks usually become addictions for those who are not having their psychological needs met in everyday life and find almost too much satisfaction and pleasure in the cyberspace play time. Social networking in general can be a great source for the necessary feeling of connection and sharing but can also sometimes need some moderating! Facebook’s appealing factors of meeting socializing needs generates it into an extraordinary place to connect and spend…show more content…
Facebook has changed the lives of many people with now granting the capability of socializing and connecting with family, friends, and coworkers who can not be reached physically. Facebook also fulfills the human need to feel connected to the world and not so left out of the loop. Self-expression and showing one’s true self is now much easier for those who struggle to do so offline. Facebook is also a huge community of online users which contains hundreds of other smaller communities of people who share similar interests or views. Social networking on Facebook also allows political news to travel faster and lets potential voters feel a more personal connection with their possible future leaders. Facebook is a wonderful social networking site that attracts millions of people daily for its pleasure of connecting with the world and staying
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