How Technology has Changed Our Relationships

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How technology has changed our relationships
Technology has improved our way of living. Due to many advances of technology most Americans will not be able to live without it. The most impactful revolution that has occurred to the social life of a regular American is the Digital Revolution. The revolution brought new ways to communicate. With Social Media Americans can now connect to friends and family members across the world with ease. Many mediums of communication have been born out of the Digital Revolution.
Facebook, is the Social Media platform that has captured this generation. It is Universal. If an account for Facebook is not owned then that individual is defamed. Without Facebook, this individual will be missing out on status updates and pictures from their friends. In the eyes of a millennial this individual would be unsocial. Facebook is popular because of the way it connects users with their friends.
A person’s life is reflected on Facebook. Because so much of someone’s life is on Facebook, anyone can have a sense of what is going on in their life. This is beneficial for parents away from their children in college or just away from the nest. A visual image is more attractive than reading a lengthy blog about an individual's day. With Facebook someone can post albums at a time and can share a special event that just recently occurred. Instant messaging has improved the speed that users can communicate with each other. If they see that their friend is online all that needs to be done is a message with the word “Hey.” Facebook allows for users to connect with friends time zones away.
Twitter and Instagram are Social Media sites that allow users to communicate with others. Twitter is used to communicate small thoughts. Pe...

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...nships are being adjusted. They cater to the very need that Americans have, something that is not time consuming. The sites use algorithms to match someone with a compatible date. After mates are matched they begin to email or chat. Sometimes dates come out of these conversations and the couple ends up married. But most of the time nothing happens. What technology has done is make users shallow. With Social Media everyone sees the profile and that’s it. The profile is the pre-judgment that others can have on the user.
Yes, the Digital Revolution has changed the way relationships are perceived, but is a relationship without this social protocol really worthless? There is more to someone then what the profile says and that is something that this generation might miss. In this high paced, low attention span society, nobody can be blamed for just looking at the profile.
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