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Understanding and analyzing religions are important factors of achieving a spiritual life. Christianity worldview is a worldview that guides humans towards the spiritual life. Humans are responsible to know the Christian worldview and understand its importance. This paper will discuss the characteristics of God and creations, humanity nature and purpose, causes of humans’ problems and solutions, Jesus’s identity and importance, restoration process and grace and faith importance in Christian worldview. This paper also analyzes the Christian worldview by addressing benefits and strengths of Christian belief, troublesome or confusing parts of Christianity, and influences of Christian worldview on humans’ thinking and behaviors.
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Humans can find solutions to their problems by understanding Jesus’s words, which is the same as God’s words, and following his instructions. This process guides humans to reach the spiritual life which is the solution to all human’s problems. Grace and faith play important roles in humans’ salvation. Grace and faith are the first steps of entering a spiritual life. Grace and faith can be achieved through understanding Jesus which is the same as understanding God and believing in both and following their instructions. Grace and faith give freedom of physical life to humans which brings salvation. Since out thoughts determine our actions, transformation process starts from our minds. Basically, transformation is the process of changes that happens in humans’ minds and lives. In Christian worldview, transformation is the maturity of spiritual life. In other words, transformation is the change in mind and self which result in changes in life and lead to achieving the spiritual life. Christians believe that transformation of self and society starts from acknowledging and understanding Jesus’s words and following his words. Christians also believe that this transformation happens when humans accept Jesus as the Son of God and follow his instructions as they are following…show more content…
Believing and understanding Christian worldview itself can change humans’ minds and thinking process regarding life and after-life greatly. This process changes humans’ behaviors in relation to God and Jesus in a way that humans will understand Jesus’s pathway which is the same as God’s. Christianity influences humans’ thinking process in a way that humans will be free of physical and material life and they will be closer to the spiritual life which is the real life. Humans’ behavior will change along with the thinking process. Behaviors and actions are attached to the thinking process, as thinking process changes the behavior and action will change too. Humans’ behavior will change in a way that humans will share their love with humanity more and wants the best for everyone. Humans will be friend with their neighbors and enemies and forgive their mistakes. Humans will be free of individual life and will think about the whole world as
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