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Christianity is an identity used by people who believe in Christ and worship Christ. Christians around the world have different ways of praising and worship God. A world class Christian refers to the involvement of individuals in spiritual programs. Nelson (1894) emphasizes what Moses wrote, ‘In the beginning God create the heaven and the earth’ (Genesis 1:1). He created man in his image and give the entire good attitude and the ability to survive in this world. He offers us different types of emotional feeling so that man can apply in this moment of life. He gives every single man an assignment to work and that assignment is your passport to eternity. This can be in the form of how you support your Christian church members, how you participate in spiritual activities and also your personal relationship with the Heavenly Father. In this essay the focus will be on how to become a world class Christian. It will also elaborate ways in which an individual can become a successful world class Christian.
Every single human being has different ways in approaching their spiritual empowerment to progress their spiritual life. Firstly is by carrying out prayer meeting with your family members, neighborhood, prisoners and those who need your help. Prayer meetings are all about sharing problems, recognizing the needs of others and praying together as a church or group to help each other. For example, when a group of Christians gather for prayer meeting, one of them might share the struggles he is facing of attending prayer meetings with the disagreement of his family. Prayer meetings are to encourage, strengthen the faith of one another and to help individuals know God more. According to Ziglar (1998), emotions can cause us grief ...

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... Christ is our savior. It is by sin that we face difficulties in being faithful Christians but only through Christ that we grow spiritually. Also we can see the importance of having faith in the field of work and the power of prayers that can assist you in your life as a messenger of God and how you develop yourself to know and be ready for the second life that is eternal life. Anfenson-Vance (1988) states that there is nothing in this world that we can do alone but with God we can do anything. Therefore it is important to converse with God in prayer and by faith to successfully overcome our burdens. So from there we can learn how important to have faith in us as young people. Prayer is one of the main concepts of faith and without prayer you cannot converse with God and share with him the work you did and the stress you face in your life as a servant of God.
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