Revelation: Revelation And Revelation

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In chapter 1: Divine Revelation Itself, it is discussed how God wants us to understand and know the love he has for us. Revelation does not only consist of words about God: but it also contains the living experience of God. God shows us how to live as he would want us to not just by telling us but also God reveals himself. When coming to grips with that God is truly like, we come to understand the reasoning for our existence. As we all now he died in order to save us, he also makes us aware of our connection to God. Jesus is known as a message and the messenger of God. Jesus tells us that God promises us that salvation will ultimately lead to eternal closeness. God sent his son so that he could educate us about the inner life of God and…show more content…
The word is the gift of faith, professes freely by God, and faith is built and carried out through the Holy Spirit. The expansion of faith happens when studying takes place, the decision is yours to put belief into play. This is exactly why sacred Scripture and Traditions carried out by the Church are closely connected and very important in the growth of one’s faith. Scripture is the Word of God such as, The Old Testament and the New Testament. The word of God passed on through Liturgy, prayer, and teachings from the Apostles and their successors are known as Scared Traditions. The Church’s official teachers are known as the bishops, this makes them very important people in carrying out the faith of God. The Word of God trumps the Magisterium; this is more like its servant. Most people preach what they come to know through Scripture by how they reveal Christ in the way they live within their families and out in the world. Everyone makes up the Church and we all have a specific role to play in spreading the Word of…show more content…
In the New Testament salvation Christ brings order to the world by initiating the reign of God on earth. Jesus unveils the Father and follows through with God’s plan. The four Gospels are the prime teachings in Scripture. They include the foundation of our faith. The Gospels deliver the bodywork for the Church. They teach us about how take advantage of our time on earth and how lives are meant to be lived. The Gospels contain the story of salvation and the truths about Christ. I think It is very important for us to make the most of our lives, we only get one life to live. Therefore, life is meant to be lived and cherished. Things happen that may change people lives drastically and it is up to us to make the most of what we have and to never ever take anything for
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