Event Tourism

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Event tourism is an increasingly growing market of the tourism industry which can hold major economic and socio-cultural implications for both the host destinations travel and tourism benefits and also the event. Event tourism can be defined as the ‘systematic development, planning, marketing and holding of events as tourist attractions’ (Hertanu & Boitor, 2012). Event tourism can be attained in many forms ranging from corporate event tourism which comprises of events generally of a business nature including but not limited to seminars and conferences, trade shows and executive retreats/incentive programs to public events which comprises of events mostly targeted at the general tourist consumers which include events such as sporting events…show more content…
Event tourism is proving to be one of the most efficient ways to promote economic development in a region. Through the developing of event tourism, host communities are commonly able to establish themselves in the tourism market industry. This promotion through events can lead to a number of positive impacts which include attracting large numbers of visitors for recurring and extended stays who generally would not normally visit the specific area. This in turn can stimulate the local hospitality and tourism industries through an increase in marketing and an overall increase in business. Once businesses begin to grow this can result in a large number of jobs created for the host community, this can be through the hospitality and sector but more importantly through the construction sector where a majority of jobs are found. Through the increase of jobs and business, spending by visitors and locals becomes maximised expanding the capabilities of the market sector in the host community. Tourist consumption injects money into the regional economy creating a multiplier effect in the economy of the host community as the funds which have been collated by tourist and local consumption are consistently spent and re-spent by employers and employees. Therefore similarly to a life cycle this positive economy influence will heighten the desire and enthusiasm to host more…show more content…
By attracting these visitors host communities are able to benefit prominently through the stimulation of local businesses and revitalisation of the community which comes about through the increasing demand to host events. Many destinations have realised the potential of event tourism not only being a way to attract and delight tourists, but also as a way to create local enjoyment and also to educate and promote to visitors the culture and heritage of a destination and what makes a destination worth visiting. For many tourists, partaking in an event is seen as a profitable opportunity to take part in experiences beyond the normal everyday experiences. By destinations hosting these events, tourist’s expectations are stimulated and can lead to the motivation of consumption by
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